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Transform your walls with stretch fabric! Our fabric wall services bring both style and function to your home or business. Say goodbye to boring walls and hello to limitless creativity with our fabric wall services. Let us help you make a statement!

Elegant and Efficient fabric Installation

Private Residence

All rooms in a home Home theater Entertainment space

In large spaces

Cinema, Theater Booth, Ballroom Restaurant

Production Room

Recording studio, Broadcasting studio

In Office building

Conference room, Phone booth

Our fabric wall services

We stretch all types of fabric on walls or on ceilings surface.



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Our company offers a comprehensive solution that includes installing a fabric track system on the wall surface which makes for a sturdy frame.
Along with that, we also apply a layer of acoustical insulation of various depths that helps achieve the appropriate noise reduction levels for your space.
Finally, we fit the selected textile into the frame, panel or section that we have created for a seamless and elegant finish.

Whether we are working on a home renovation project, a commercial installation, or a custom piece of art, completing the fabric installation step with care and precision is essential for achieving the desired outcome.

room upholstery by a fabric wall installer

Our approach to residential projects is similar to commercial ones in terms of taking careful steps to ensure quality results. However, we use much finer products since homes tend to have more delicate moldings and surfaces that require extra attention. 

Therefore we take extra care in ensuring that the track we use is thin and accommodate the moldings.

Then we apply a padding creating a soft but firm cushion.

Once you have completed all the necessary preparations for your project, the final step in the process involves the installation of your chosen fabric. This step is crucially important, as it is what truly brings your project together and gives it a finished, polished look. The installation process involve stretching the fabric on the walls, ensuring that it is properly aligned and secured, and making any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. 

cinema walls with acoustical fabric panels

Stretching fabric in commercial space

1. We follow plan specifications and offer alternatives for quality work.
2. We listen to your needs and find effective solutions for success.
3. We source high-quality materials suited to your project.
4. Our quotes include all materials such as track system, textile, acoustic layer, and labor costs for a complete overview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean and simple finish for homes. We are the only business offering a Clean Edge Wall upholstery installation fitted with a very slim fabric track system. It has a ¼” projection, works around architectural design in a home and no welt is added. 

Our company accept all type of project. And will advise and work with you to get the best product and finish.

A layer of natural padding has a high end finish.
We offer a quick impeccable service.
Also, issues could happen during or after the installation is complete. We want to make sure that we provide the best possible outcome for your project, so we’re always willing to collaborate with you to find the best path forward.

We are located in central Texas, in the city of Austin. 

Yes, VETHOMAN installs wall upholstery across the United States.

  • For residential installation
    We have a wall to wall installation. The fabric is sawn and stretched from wall to wall.
    Or we create a panel effect. Sections are made with the track system to suit your walls.
  • For commercial installation
    We follow your plans and specifications. Make suggestion if required.
    The  codes are as follow 09 7740, 09 8414, 09 7713
  • Fabric wrapped panels is also a service that we have for special space such as production rooms.
    These fabric panels are removable compare to the wall to wall or panel effect.

The fabric stretches on a track system installed in the perimeter of the room.
A fabric or textile is never glued to a wall.

Yes, we do supply many type of fabrics or textiles.
We have access to the major designer fabric houses for the home.
Technical textile like sound transparent is used for acoustical purposes. So we do provide those too.
Ask your fabric wall installer for advise.

Yes, wall upholstery requires a layer of padding behind the fabric to get the upholstery effect.

  • For residential we use our friendly layer of cotton padding. But if you specify a deeper padding for a design special effect or sound abatement, we offer other options.
  • For commercial install, we follow the specs. Most of time it is 1″ thick fiberboard.

No fabrics don’t need any backing to be fitted on walls. Actually 99% of fabric  work fine. Only very very thin fabric or some silk.
Always ask us for additional information.

First, a commercial space tent to be straight forward compare to a home with complexe features. 
Second, the reason for a fabric wall in a conference room for example is not the same as a home. The acoustic comes first then the esthetic. It is quite the opposite in a house unless we upholster a home theater.
Thicker materials or acoustic require bigger tracks like fabriTRAK®.
For a home we have a slim track that works so well with all framings. We call the latter Clean Edge System™.

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